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St. Alphonsus is one of those rare instances where the opening of the school preceded the founding of the parish. The first Catholic services were said in 1842 by the Redemptorist Fathers of Detroit.  St. Alphonsus school was established in 1846. It was not until a decade later, in 1852, that a parish was formally organized. 


President: Dennis Modzelewski ('69)

5565 Sutters Lane, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301     (248) 855-2591

Vice President:  David Katona ('72)

Treasurer: Karen Cardelli Andrusiak ('69)

Secretary:  Renee Campau Vasiloff  ('72)

Newsletter: Renee Campau Vasiloff  ('72)

       David Katona ('72)

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Celebrate the Memories!

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The Adrian Dominican Sisters live incredible lives. "Our Dominican Lives: A Sister's Story" is a series of video interviews exploring the lives of the Adrian Dominican family.

Visit adriandominicans.org/MeetDominicans/Sisters and click on the link to "Our Dominican Lives”.  Click here for a list with links to interviews of some of the sisters who have served at St. Alphonsus.


Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Newsletter

The Fall 2023 Newsletter was mailed in early February 2024

A combined mailing from the Alumni Association and St. Alphonsus-St. Clement Parish was mailed to all alumni the week of December 18.


You are invited to submit memories and short stories about your time attending St. Alphonsus to newsletter@stalsalumni.org.

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Bricks from the school:

Update – November 2023

Bricks, Bricks, Bricks

Apparently many Alumni have a fascination with “Bricks” from the demolition of the schools.  During the demolition we got the workers to set aside bricks from the High School building outside  of the security fence. Whatever was there was quickly claimed by alumni.

When the Gym was being knocked down, armed with gloves, hammers and a pickup, a few of us were able to reclaim a couple hundred bricks. 

 For the folks who had made requests or signed up at some of our events here is how we intend to provide the bricks.

The bricks weigh about five pounds and the procedure to pick up bricks will be as follows. Sometime next year, we will contact those individuals on the list and arrange a time and place for pickup. If there are any left after the listed folks had their opportunity we will put the word out. If you already picked up bricks please let other Alumni have a crack at the ones we rescued.

On the other hand we have hundreds of floorboards from the gym about two by eight inches. We attach a logo to them and sell them at $10 each. Personally they look more presentable than bricks but we understand.

Thank you,

St. Alphonsus Alumni Association


St. Alphonsus Library - January 2024

Fr. Anthony Kote-Witah celebrated mass at St. Alphonsus-St. Clement for the Feast of Mary, the Mother of God on December. 31 and January 1. He enthusiastically expressed his gratitude for the support from the parish for the orphanage he is building in his home village of Ogoni in Nigeria. The orphanage will house the homeless and orphans who are victims of crisis, war, and natural disasters. Last year the parish donated approximately 9,000 books rescued from the school library before the buildings were demolished. The books arrived in Nigeria in November 2023, and recently ground was broken to start construction of the orphanage. The Ogoni Shepard Foundation is a nonprofit organization created by Fr. Anthony for the purpose of building the orphanage. Fr. Anthony is inviting us to help him in his mission with a Night of Hope on April 11, 2024, a fundraiser to benefit the orphanage Foundation. It will be held at the Regency Manor & Banquet Center in Southfield. For more information, click HERE.

Click HERE for a video from Fr. Antony.


A story about the books from our library was recently featured on WDIV Ch. 4's website.  Click HERE to read the story.

To learn more about Fr. Anthony and his orphanage project visit: 


To read an article at Detroit Catholic about Fr. Anthony and his plans for the orphanage and library click HERE.

To read a previous article about the library click HERE.

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St. Alphonsus – St. Clement

We are thankful that so many parishioners are returning to mass. For those who are unable to attend mass in person we are continuing to live-stream mass every weekend so you can remain connected with our parish family by participating in the mass online.

The 4:00 PM Saturday and 10:00 AM Sunday masses can be seen on our YouTube channel.  To view the current week’s masses or previously recorded masses visit www.stals-stclem.org and click on “Livestream Schedule”.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 8:30 a.m.

Saturday Mass: 4 p.m. 

(3 p.m.~ Confessions / or by apt.)

Saturday Mass @ Allegria Village: 6 p.m.

Sunday Mass: 10 a.m.


St. Alphonsus-St. Clement Parish

Church: 13540 Gould St

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Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Office: (313) 581-5218

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