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Class of 1984:

Tim Mallad says it all started with a desk. When he was in his 20’s, he paid $25 to buy one for his then-girlfriend, only to learn later that the desk was filled with one family’s secret history. Tucked away in a hidden compartment, Tim found letters from World War ll, written in German, which had been stashed and tucked away. Even though he was young when he stumbled into the situation, he was intrigued. 25 years later, with some urging from Jane Seymour (yes, that Jane Seymour), Tim had the letters translated to solve the mystery. To get the answers about the letters and hear Tim’s journey, you’ll need to listen to the riveting podcast called “Hidden Letters: The Fascinating Story of One Family’s Secret History” on Mismatch Podcast.

Class of 1973:

Tom Rashid Catholic League Hall of Fame 2017

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Class of 1974

Hello ‘74 Classmates and Alumni, Did you know that we have a class of 1974 website that has many photos and memories to view? You can also share more photos and memories by posting on this site. It’s free and easy to join. Simply visit our website to get started:


Class of 1989 Website


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